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In The Community
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TFCR In The Community

Part · ner · ship (pärt'nər-shĭp') noun
A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of specified goal.

Each year, Tersiguel's has been honored to be a part of many special partnerships.  It really is an opportunity for us to come together and give back to our community.

Burleigh Manor Middle School
For more then fifteen years, we have maintained a special partnership with Jeff Brodie and Ellen Doring of Burleigh Manor Middle School and their talented musicians.  On a cold January evening, it will not be unusual to find students playing both outside and inside Tersiguel's.  They are joined by their parents and family and friends in an effort to support the Burleigh Manor Middle School Music Program.  To learn more or to participate in next years Tersiguel's Musical Feast, please visit their website at  http://www.burleighmanormusic.org .

National Family Resiliency Center (NFRC)
Tersiguel's has continued to maintain a partnership with and support the NFRC.  Each year, Tersiguel's hosts an annual fundraiser on Beaujolais Nouveau.  It is not only an exciting time for us as the new harvest begins, but also that we have been able to share this great moment with the NFRC.  You may join us for lunch on Beaujolais Nouveau in an effort to support this great organization. http://www.divorceabc.com  


Tersiguel's and the Traveling Crepes
Through out the years, Tersiguel's has become known for classic table side preparations, amongst the most popular is Crepes Suzettes.  This flambé of crepes has wowed guests in our dining rooms daily.  With such popularity, we took our crepes on the road.  You can find us at Turf Valley and raising money for Howard County Hospice; the Belmont Conference Center and raising money for Howard County Tourism; or you may find us on the golf course raising money for Howard County Hospital.  This has become a time honored tradition for us and we are honored to have a partnership with such great organizations.

 These partnerships have become a part of who we are.  We are honored to be such an active partner in and to our community.